Gretchen Miller

Artist | Author | Business Owner | Creator


It all started on Thanksgiving of 2016 with a random act of kindness: I made hats for my family. A few days later my Grandpa was in a local store, and the owner asked where he got his nice hat. Long story short, before I knew it I was making headbands and toques to sell and trying to figure out a brand name. From there I went on to develop my knit and crochet skills, attend local craft markets, try my hand at pattern writing, and eventually write a book!

I was first taught to crochet by my mom, but I soon got frustrated with it and gave up. Years later my Auntie Laila and cousin Mattea taught me how to knit. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to hop onto YouTube and relearn how to crochet. I’ve been avidly knitting and crocheting ever since!

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