The Glenn Toque Pattern (PDF Only)




This knit PDF PATTERN ONLY is for a ribbed, unisex toque. The pattern is quick, easy, and awesome for people wanting to practice their ribbing and decreases. It is one size fits most. Since ribbing is so flexible and squishy, from my experience it has fit everyone from my 4-year-old cousin to my father. There are also ideas and instructions provided in the pattern for further customization, if desired. I designed this toque while watching a Christmas movie with my family. There are six of us who have grown up in hand-me-downs, so the “one size fits all” concept is always welcome when it comes to passing things around! I then wrote the pattern while listening to some good ol’ Glenn Miller music (yes we have the same last name, but no we are not related), and that’s how the toque got it’s name.

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